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About la vela

la vela in the prime location Ginza

It will be opened in May 2017 and it will be the third anniversary in this year.

It has not changed since the beginning of OPEN,

A cozy space with 3 seats, reclining chairs and healing music,

We are fully equipped with seasonal drinks and we are focusing on creating a healing space so that customers can relax.

You can raise your legs in the reclining chair,

Also, in the winter, your feet are warmed with hot carpets, stretching your legs and relaxing while relaxing.

It is possible to enjoy nail time.

Besides gel nails,

We also offer massage and care menus such as hand spa and foot spa.

So that even first-time customers can pass with peace of mind,

We also have an easy-to-understand price menu and great discounts for repeaters and new customers.

Nail design

Chiguhagu nails and nuance nails,

There are also adult nuance nails and simple gradation menus that are easy to fit in the office.

It has been well received by many customers.

The staff at la vela is proud.

No matter which staff is in charge of the treatment, you can enjoy the same skills and customer service.

I'm sure you will be satisfied with your nail time.

We look forward to seeing you all.

la vela tokyo corporation


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